Antique Scientific Instruments


  • Antique Brunsviga Calculator Abacus Adding Machine
  • Ancienne calculatrice curta type 2 II contina 1965 boxed old antique calculator
  • Antique Brunsviga Calculator Abacus Adding Machine
  • Vintage Brunsviga 13r Mechanical Pinwheel Calculator Made In Germany
  • Walther Adding Calculation Machine Calculator Box, Manual And Cover WSR 160 16
  • Old School Vintage Antique Industrial Chic Abacus Calculator Freestanding Kids
  • Brunsviga 13 ZK mechanical calculator
  • Fullers Calculator cylindrical slide rule, Stanley of London, circa 1950
  • Antique Hannovera Comptometer Calculator Adding Machine on Wooden Base-PL-4317
  • C1920 Cased Fowlers Long Scale Circular Calculator
  • Antique Large Swedish Mechanical Pin-wheel Calculator Original-odhner Model 27
  • Antique McFarlane Calculating Cylinder Rare Early Calculator 1830 Museum Piece