Antique Scientific Instruments


  • Large antique Gyroscope on stand
  • Large Antique Vintage T. Wheeler Military Brass Aneroid Barometer In Leather Case
  • Large Clam Shell Specimen Antique Curio Unusual Taxidermy Conchology
  • Large 10in Antique Astronomy Philips Planet Star Planisphere 1900s
  • Large antique transit theodolite, Negretti & Zambra of London
  • Large Antique Sorcerer Mirror Curio Interior Unusual Distortion Convex
  • Large Concave Mirror Distortion Mirror Ebonised Antique Curio Unusual Industrial
  • Antique Large Swedish Mechanical Pin-wheel Calculator Original-odhner Model 27
  • C1790 Dollond of London Large Brass Library Telescope
  • C1870 Cased Large Refracting Telescope Newton & Co Cappo Belfast